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Business rates: Covid-19 Group Action

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Why do I need to provide further details about my property as part of the Covid-19 Group Action?

To help profile your claim and to collate as much evidence as possible to support the case being presented to the Valuation Office Agency.


Our data analytics capability allows us to process large volumes of data to draw out valuable insight into how Covid-19 is impacting occupancy rates and rental levels.  It also allows us to analyse the effect on different property types based on size, age, use and location.  This will help ensure that your claim is based on the most accurate and detailed evidence.


Being part of  the Group Action led by Altus Group will allow you to access the data benefits of joining tens of thousands of other businesses in the same situation as you.

How do I submit my property details?

Download the form and upload it using the tool below.

Why you should claim

  • Working with clients for over 25 years

    Join thousands of other businesses in the same situation as you

  • Free commercial property consultation

    Potential to secure savings and refunds of up to 100% of your rates bill.

  • Property of all sizes

    Protect your business from rates costs for however long the Coronavirus crisis lasts

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