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Commercial Lease Advice for Tenants

If you have a rent review, lease renewal, or simply looking to explore options with your commercial lease, our Lease Consultants are able to assist.


We provide expert advice and assistance to commercial tenants looking to achieve better terms on their lease.


Our Lease Consultants have years of experience managing commercial lease matters for clients across the UK.


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Our Services

– Rent Review
– Lease Renewals & Restructuring
– Lease Extensions
– Lease Regear
– Strategic Asset Management
– Dilapidation
– General Lease Consultancy


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Meet our Commercial Lease Consultants

Jon Broome, Altus Group


Jonathan Broome
Executive Vice President,
Head of National Transactions

Will Holliday, Altus Group


William Holliday
Senior Director,
Lease Consultancy

Sarah Walker, Altus Group


Sarah Walker
Senior Director,
Lease Consultancy

Adam Shorey, Altus Group


Adam Shorey
Senior Director,
Lease Consultancy

Nigel McMurray, Altus Group


Nigel McMurray
Lease Consultancy

Toby Brooks, Altus Group


Toby Brooks
Lease Consultancy/Commercial Agency

Olivia Westlake, Altus Group


Olivia Westlake
Lease Consultancy/Commercial Agency

David Collett, Altus Group


David Collett
Lease Consultancy

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  • Expert Surveyors

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£50,000 Savings

“As we have already successfully used Altus Group’s business rates service, we decided to utilise their lease consultancy service for our rent review. Without their expertise and support we would have had to pay an extra £50,000 in rent over a 5 year period.”

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