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Many occupiers are unaware of the significant savings that can be unlocked through restructuring their lease.

Our expertise, experience and track record in identifying where lease terms can be improved sets us apart from the rest.

Restructuring or regearing the lease – negotiating a new lease mid the contractual lease term – can help you to secure a longer lease term, reduce costs and provide improved flexibility for your business. Our data and analytics provide you with unique insight ensuring our expert Surveyors can evaluate market conditions to deliver the best results.

Restructuring can take place at any time throughout the lease term, and key event dates such as rent reviews, break dates and forthcoming lease expiries are excellent opportunities to trigger negotiations. Many landlords will negotiate a reduced rent or rent-free period in return for commitment to a longer lease term.

The flexibility of re-gearing means we can tailor the process to your specific circumstances, and with our expert advice both parties can reach a mutually beneficial agreement quickly.

To see if the time is right for you to restructure your lease terms, contact us on 0800 023 5310.

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Mercer Limited

£2million Savings

“Mercer instructed Altus Group to negotiate both a surrender of the 6th floor and the July 2018 rent review. We were instructed shortly before the break notice needed to be served. We therefore immediately opened negotiations highlighting to the landlord the significant risk of Mercer operating their break notice and vacating both floors. Altus negotiated a surrender of the 6th floor and settled the rent review on the 7th floor ahead of the break notice date. This allowed Mercer to continue operating from this location and with a rental saving of over £2 million for the 5 year review period.”

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