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Unlock savings from past years or properties that you no longer occupy.

Our Business Rates Audit service could enable you to recover business rates refunds going back many years and over multiple Revaluations.  It even covers properties that you no longer occupy.

Historic errors can occur on business rates accounts for a variety of reasons and often go undetected. Some common errors include:

• Incorrect application of transitional relief

• Unclaimed credit balances

• Failure to issue transitional certificates

• Failure to apply material change in circumstance allowances

• Failure to apply charitable relief

• Failure to process Rateable Value reductions

• Unenforceable backdated rates bills

We have recovered many millions of pounds on behalf of our clients through our forensic approach to auditing past business rates bills.

If you’d like our specialist team to review your business rate liability to ensure you’ve paid the right amount, contact us today or upload a copy of your rates bill for a no obligation rates review.

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    We can review business rates assessments which were split as a result of the “Mazars” legal case to achieve business rates refunds dating back to 2010.

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£382,000 rates refund

“We are extremely pleased with the services provided as well as by the results achieved. Altus Group has helped to reduce rates payable for our company for many of our stores and therefore we would definitely recommend them to other businesses that are looking to do the same.”

Kevin Heath
Retail Finance Director


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    Our pioneering, innovative approach & bespoke reporting is always tailored to your needs

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    As the largest business rates advisor, we have access to the largest amount of property data to secure bigger savings

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    We have spent over a decade building our business rates databases & analytics capabilities to deliver exceptional results

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