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Backdated rates bills

The Billing Authority is responsible for both the calculation and the issue of Non-Domestic Rates Bills.

The information contained within a Rates Bill is generally based on the rateable value as provided by the Valuation Office, the amount of the multiplier that has been used, any transitional relief that may be applicable and the date of occupation of the property by the ratepayer.

Amended Rates Bills may be influenced by improvements or additions to the property and will be backdated to the agreed completion dates of such works.

Additionally any challenges made to the rating assessment of a property is if successful backdated to the day the rating list came into force unless there is an interim date at which the challenge was directed.

The Valuation Office is unable to backdate any alteration which has been identified as a compiled list inaccuracy, unless it is to reduce the assessment, but as mistakes often occur it is best to take advice from a recognised professional following any changes made to the rateable value of your property.

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