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Business rates relief

There are certain circumstances where full rates may not payable. Some of these reliefs are mandatory and others discretionary.

  • When a property is empty
  • Where the occupier qualifies for small business rate relief
  • When the occupier is a charity
  • Where the occupier is a community amateur sports club
  • Where the occupier is a “not for profit” organisation
  • Certain properties which are located within a designated rural area
  • Where hardship relief is appropriate
  • Where the property is not fully occupied
  • Newly built unoccupied properties that completed after the 1 October 2013 and before 30 September 2016 subject to state-aid limit

Local Newspaper Relief

  • There will be a £1,500 rates discount available for office space occupied by local newspapers. This will be for a maximum of one discount per local newspaper and per hereditament for 2 years from 1 April 2017 subject to ‘State de Minimis’ guidelines.  This relief is funded by central government.

Public House Relief

  • The 2017 Spring Budget saw the chancellor announce a £1,000 business rate discount for public houses for the financial year beginning 1 April 2017, this has subsequently been extended to include the 2018/19 financial year.

Small Business Relief

  • Small business relief is available to businesses with a Rateable Value of less than £15,000.If the Rateable Value is £12,000 or less the rate payer may be entitled to up to 100% relief. If the Rateable Value is between £12,001 and £15,000 the rate payer may also qualify for small business relief.

Rural Rate Relief

  • If the business premises is in a rural area where the population is under 3,000, rural rate relief could apply, meaning a business rates reduction of between 50% and 100%. Business rates won’t be payable if your business is in an eligible area and either; the only village shop or post office, with a rateable value of up to £8,500 or the only public house or petrol station, with a rateable value of up to £12,500.

Charitable Rates Relief

  • Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs receive 80% mandatory relief. Extra ‘discretionary relief’ of up to 100% is also sometimes provided. Non-profit-making organisations such as museums and schools may apply to the Billing Authority for discretionary relief of up to 100%. This application must usually be renewed each year.
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